Grab your 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket included at no additional cost.

With the above Choice Packages. The renewal of the subscription is done automatically every season at the current prevailing rate of $293.94 per season. As above the price remains the same until you call to start or cancel the season. Req’s you to choose an offer. All Directtvnow provides the agreement of 24 months. It includes $20 per month as the early termination fee. $19,95 as activation, Additional fees, and equipment non-return apply. Credit card required (except PA and MA).

International Package

Any way you crunch them, the number speak themselves. DIRECTTV is available in all 50
states with 99% signal reliability making it a reliable entertainment experience. Excess of
50000+ shows and movies with DIRECTTV, which is on your demand.
Start enjoying the programming and you will love with the international package from the
DIRECTTV based packages and it adds your priority based international packages.
You are just advised to order us confidently, and be sure that you will get the fastest, friendly
and the professional service with the moment you pick up your phone.
With the DIRECTTV internet package, you can easily choose from a wide variety of internet
speeds that will be available in your area. Moreover, you will receive the best Wi-Fi gate way
that leads you to convert your home into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.


  • You will save more bundling your services as opposed to not.
  • You can combine two or more services and can experience the savings.
  • You will receive only one bill for all of your described and operated services.
  • At Directv if you thought it is easier for you, we will surely make it happens.
  • Stay well connected and wherever you are. You will have an access to the best national Wi-Fi Hot Spot network, with no extra charges at all.
  • Directv bundle service will offer you the full freedom that you want or deserve to enjoy the favorite forms of best and full entertainment.

DIRECTV international packages offer a world of entertainment

DIRECTV brings you a world-class entertainment experience, including popular channels from around the world.

English based packages from DIRECTV

Just select the directv package and choose an English package from the list below. You can then add the international package of your choice. English based package will be available only by the addition of a world largest direct international package add-on.

Basic Choice 105+ channels
  • Will be available for $20.9/mo. Plus with addition of tax for 24 mo.
  • All the DIRECTV offers require a 24-MO. Of TV agreement.
  • The basic choice package will serve as a low cost basic package that will be perfect for adding the international entertainment.
Preferred Choice All Included 150+ Channels
  • $30/mo. For the 12 months plus all taxes.
  • Within 24-mo. Agmt and Autopay & a paperless bill required.
  • $80/mo. In a month and 13-24 subject to change.

Choose your World Direct international package add-ons:

Add cultural entertainment to any DIRECTV base package


BRAZILIANDIRECT™ I $29.99/mo TV Globo a la carte
PFC à la carte $19.99/mo.
PFC and TV Globo $19.99/mo.


VIETDIRECT™ Plus $19.99/mo. HONVIETV, Little Saigon Radio, SBTN, Tai Seng Vietnam, TViet Network, Viet Thao TV and more
SBTN à la carte $14.99/mo.


MANDARINDIRECT ®  III $16.99/mo. CBO Channel, CCTV-4, Charming China, CTI Zhong Tian Channel, Jiangsu Satellite TV and more
ChineseDirect $12.99/mo. 88 Films, 88TV, CCTV-4, GZTV, iCable News, MLB Network, NBA TV and more


FILIPINODIRECT $37.99/mo. ABS-CBN News, ABS-CBN Sports + Action, Cinema One Global, GMA Life TV, INCTV and more
TFCDIRECT $26.99/mo. TFC, ABS-CBN News, ABS-CBN Sports + Action, Cinema One Global, INCTV, Lifestyle Network and more
PINOYDIRECT $25.99/mo. GMA Pinoy TV, MYX and TFC


RUSSIANDIRECT™ II $34.99/mo. Carousel, Channel One, Dom Kino, NTV America, Rassiya 24, RTR-Planeta, RTVi, Vremya and more
RUSSIANDIRECT™ Plus $29.99/mo. Channel One, Dom Kino, Muzika Pervogo, NTV America, Rassiya 24, RTR-Planeta and RTVi
RUSSIANDIRECT $14.99/mo. Carousel, Channel One, Dom Kino, Muzika Pervogo, and Vremya
RTR-Planeta à la carte $14.99/mo.


KOREANDIRECT™ Golf $35.99/mo. Arirang TV, EBS, Golf Channel, MBC Every1, MBN, National Geographic Korea, Radio Korea and more
KOREANDIRECT™ $30.99/mo. all channels in the KoreanDirect™ Golf package, minus Golf Channel
KOREANDIRECT™ Lite $19.99/mo. Arirang TV, CTS, KBS World, National Geographic Korea, Radio Korea, SBS HD and YTN
MBC Drama à la carte $9.99/mo.
Is it possible to get only TV packages?  

Yes you can get TV and Internet from different providers and still get a Yes, the price starts from $35/mo. Read More

Will Bundling option reduce my monthly cable TV service bill?

Yes it will reduce from $10to $60 per month. Read More

What are the No.of channels available for $35 Cable TV package in DIRECTV?       

155+ channels. Read More

 How many days take for DIRECTV Satellite TV Installation?

24 hours is the standard time. Read More

What is the Speed in DIRECTV for Internet?

 From 10 Mbps to 1,00Mbps. Read More

What packages is suitable for movie lovers?

Ultimate™ package. Read More

Is the Equipment for DirecTV Satellite TV services are free?

No, It comes in standard cost which is comparatively low to other Satellite TV Service providers. Read More

Can I add or change packages after Installation?

Yes you can add add ons but cannot change the Cable TV service package. Read More

Are there any free channels available?

Yes , free premium free channels for 3 months. Read More

Does DIRECTV available near me?

Yes almost all states in USA has been covered by DIRECTV services. Read More