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With the above Choice Packages. The renewal of the subscription is done automatically every season at the current prevailing rate of $293.94 per season. As above the price remains the same until you call to start or cancel the season. Req’s you to choose an offer. All Directtvnow provides the agreement of 24 months. It includes $20 per month as the early termination fee. $19,95 as activation, Additional fees, and equipment non-return apply. Credit card required (except PA and MA).


In the United States of America, DirecTv offers hassle-free installation by the DirecTv home services, which is a division of DirecTv Corporation. They visit subscribers home and install the dish signal receivers and set-top-boxes. Usually, the customers opt for bundle packages which provide internet and television channels, using set-top-box as the receivers.
For areas outside the US, DirecTv has partnered with third party service providers who can help you with the installations. DirecTv also provides customer care services, who offer assistance with queries related to installation or ordering of DirecTv services.


Process of Installation:

  • Mount your satellite TV dish in the exterior of the home either on roof, or porch or an exterior wall. Care should be taken such that there are no interferences in the line of the satellite to receive a strong signal from the satellite. In case of doubts kindly call for assistance.
  • The satellite dish can be mounted by following the step by step installation guide available with the package or by following guides available on the internet.
  • Once the dish is installed, ground the dish properly to avoid damages from lightning.
  • Set up the cables from your dish to the receiver or the set-top-box setup at your viewing area. If there are additional cables, such as the internet or phone cables, make sure to set them up as well using the instructions provided.
  • Connect a phone line from the receiver to the phone jack.
  • Set the direction of the dish to the DirecTv satellite for maximum reception.
  • Once set, fix the dish firmly to avoid shaking or changing the orientation of the dish due to strong winds.
  • Activate the DirecTv satellite TV account and enjoy the channels of your choice.

The installation process is provided free of cost by the DirecTv home services. Hence, if you are finding it challenging to figure out the procedure, call the technicians to complete the job for you. Typically installation team will set your DirecTv in 5 hours from the time the materials are delivered to you. In case that does not happen, you can always rely on the customer service team to resolve your complaints at the earliest.

Is it possible to get only TV packages?  

Yes you can get TV and Internet from different providers and still get a Yes, the price starts from $35/mo. Read More

Will Bundling option reduce my monthly cable TV service bill?

Yes it will reduce from $10to $60 per month. Read More

What are the No.of channels available for $35 Cable TV package in DIRECTV?       

155+ channels. Read More

 How many days take for DIRECTV Satellite TV Installation?

24 hours is the standard time. Read More

What is the Speed in DIRECTV for Internet?

 From 10 Mbps to 1,00Mbps. Read More

What packages is suitable for movie lovers?

Ultimate™ package. Read More

Is the Equipment for DirecTV Satellite TV services are free?

No, It comes in standard cost which is comparatively low to other Satellite TV Service providers. Read More

Can I add or change packages after Installation?

Yes you can add add ons but cannot change the Cable TV service package. Read More

Are there any free channels available?

Yes , free premium free channels for 3 months. Read More

Does DIRECTV available near me?

Yes almost all states in USA has been covered by DIRECTV services. Read More