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With the above Choice Packages. The renewal of the subscription is done automatically every season at the current prevailing rate of $293.94 per season. As above the price remains the same until you call to start or cancel the season. Req’s you to choose an offer. All Directtvnow provides the agreement of 24 months. It includes $20 per month as the early termination fee. $19,95 as activation, Additional fees, and equipment non-return apply. Credit card required (except PA and MA).


DirecTv, initiated in 1994, is a digital satellite television provider in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. They revolutionised the way television was perceived. The exponential growth of the company made it the market leader in its segment.
AT&T Communications- a major telecom player in the US, bought the company in 2015. After its acquisition, the company has integrated the latest technologies into the way television is streamed into houses. Incorporating the changes, the company now boasts of more than 21 million subscribers, and the numbers are still growing.


DirecTv offers High-speed internet, Satellite TV programming, and phone service as bundled service to the customers. Apart from AT&T, DirecTv partners with various internet providers to provide high-speed internet and streaming options based on the locations. Though the speed varies with internet service providers, DirecTv offers an average speed of 1.5 MBPS.
With AT&T taking over and introducing highspeed internet package bundles, it is no longer mandatory to have a satellite to stream DirecTv Now.

Following are the popular DirecTv Plans with various Internet Service providers.

Plan Price Features
SELECT $75 / month + Taxes 135 Channels + Internet
ENTERTAINMENT $80 / month + Taxes 160 Channels + Internet
CHOICE $85 / month + Taxes 185 Channels + Internet
XTRA $95 / month + Taxes 235 Channels + Internet
ULTIMATE $100 / month + Taxes 250 Channels + Internet
PREMIER $150 / month + Taxes 330 Channels + Internet

DirecTV Packages AT&T offers DirecTV bundles at lesser rates. The pricing and other details are as given the below table.

Plan Price Features
SELECT $65 / month + Taxes 150 Channels + Internet upto 100 mbps Download speed
ENTERTAINMENT $70 / month + Taxes 155 Channels + Internet upto 100 mbps Download speed
CHOICE $75 / month + Taxes 185 Channels + Internet upto 100 mbps Download speed
XTRA $85 / month + Taxes 230 Channels + Internet upto 100 mbps Download speed
ULTIMATE $95 / month + Taxes 245 Channels + Internet upto 100 mbps Download speed
PREMIER $140 / month + Taxes 325 Channels + Internet upto 100 mbps Download speed

There are wide range of choice to choose from depending on your budget and needs. The rest is assured, with over 2.5 decades of experience in the industry, DirecTv brings you the best of the experience to have quality time with friends and family.

Is it possible to get only TV packages?  

Yes you can get TV and Internet from different providers and still get a Yes, the price starts from $35/mo. Read More

Will Bundling option reduce my monthly cable TV service bill?

Yes it will reduce from $10to $60 per month. Read More

What are the No.of channels available for $35 Cable TV package in DIRECTV?       

155+ channels. Read More

 How many days take for DIRECTV Satellite TV Installation?

24 hours is the standard time. Read More

What is the Speed in DIRECTV for Internet?

 From 10 Mbps to 1,00Mbps. Read More

What packages is suitable for movie lovers?

Ultimate™ package. Read More

Is the Equipment for DirecTV Satellite TV services are free?

No, It comes in standard cost which is comparatively low to other Satellite TV Service providers. Read More

Can I add or change packages after Installation?

Yes you can add add ons but cannot change the Cable TV service package. Read More

Are there any free channels available?

Yes , free premium free channels for 3 months. Read More

Does DIRECTV available near me?

Yes almost all states in USA has been covered by DIRECTV services. Read More