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Grab your 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket included at no additional cost.

With the above Choice Packages. The renewal of the subscription is done automatically every season at the current prevailing rate of $293.94 per season. As above the price remains the same until you call to start or cancel the season. Req’s you to choose an offer. All Directtvnow provides the agreement of 24 months. It includes $20 per month as the early termination fee. $19,95 as activation, Additional fees, and equipment non-return apply. Credit card required (except PA and MA).





Price for 1 minute

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The entertainment you want

155+ Channels

For 12 mos w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $40/mo plus taxes until discount starts. $81/mo. in months 13-24 (subj to change).*




Value-packed package

160+ Channels

For 12 mos w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $45/mo plus taxes until discount starts. $93/mo. in months 13-24 (subj to change).*




The package that beats cable

185+ Channels

For 12 mos w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $50/mo plus taxes until discount starts. $110/mo. in months 13-24 (subj to change).*




Most popular package

235+ Channels

For 12 mos w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $60/mo plus taxes until discount starts. $124/mo. in months 13-24 (subj to change).*




The movie-lovers package

250+ Channels

For 12 mos w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $65/mo plus taxes until discount starts. $135/mo. in months 13-24 (subj to change).*




Top-of-the-line package

330+ Channels

For 12 mos w/ 24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Pay $115/mo plus taxes until discount starts. $189/mo. in months 13-24 (subj to change).*

$19.95 Activation, along with $20/MO as an early termination fee. For every month, extra costs, remaining on Agreement, and Equipment non-return is applicable. Paperless bill and autopay discount for 12 months. Price after $5 per month. New approved equipment lease required for residential customers. Discount starts within three bills. Credit card is needed except PA and MA.
1-year included offers from this channel: Ends on August 8th, 2019. Offer available only in the U.S that excludes U.S.V.I and Puerto Rico). The price of the first and second year is currently $81 per month for the first 12 months only. After 12 months or eligibility loss, then prevailing rate applies $92 per month for Entertainment and $110 per month for Choice and $135 per month for Ultimate, $189 per month for PREMIER unless changed prior or canceled to the end of the promo period. The pricing may vary as $5 per month. This must enroll in paperless bill and autopay within 30 days of the activation of packages to receive bill credit which starts in one to three bill cycles.
At the first time, the credit includes every credit earned since catering to the needs. Must maintain paperless bills and autopay bill, valid email address to follow up with the credits. No loans included in the second year of paperless and autopay statements. This includes equipment fees for one Genie HD DVR, monthly service, standard pro installation, and Tv package. The things excluded here is the price for regional sports is $8.49 per month, and this use tax expense of installation, equipment upgrades, custom installation, and more.
DirectTvNow SVC Terms: Subject to customer agreements and equipment lease. Need to maintain a minimum base of about TV package of $29.99 per month. The pricing, terms and conditions, and programming are subjected to change at any cause and time. Some offers are not available in selected areas and all channels. Visit directvnow or call for more details.

No.1 best Cable TV provider across USA

DirecTV provides the best Cable TV and Internet Service across the USA and is the No.1 in customer satisfaction. Bundle offers and Deals are the best that you want in your home for an enhanced viewing experience. Packages starts at as low as $35 per month.



Include cloud DVR to your package and never miss your favourite programs again.


Get 2 streams and watch your favourite shows on multiple devices and you can add third streaming for just $5/mo.


Tired of caring Cabel boxes and wires? Now its hassel free to watch Live TV on the go anywhere anytime.

DirectTvNow Channel Lineup:

All included TV Package Offers.
Every included package include monthly fees for an HD DVR.

  • • Select - Entertainment package - 155+ Channels.
  • • XTRA - Popular package - 235+ Channels.
  • • Entertainment - Value package - 160+Channels.
  • • Ultimate - Movie Lovers Packages - 250+ Channels.
  • • Choice - Package which beats cable - 185+ Channels.
  • • Premier - First and top notch package - 330+ Channels.

Whether you are searching for the latest, best value or the greatest in Entertainment, fun, etc., DirectTvNow has a different type of packages for you. We do have all kind of packages starting from CHOICE to PREMIER with various upgrades and lineups so that you can cater to fit your requirements. You can visit our packages page to know about the DirectTVNow offers. We do have All included package that includes fees for an HD DVR as monthly.

SELECT All included package which starts at a rate of $35 per month.

(Plus taxes. For 12 Months w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. $81/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change).*)

Grab your first three months of STARZ®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and HBO® at no additional cost with SELECT via different ULTIMATE packages.

(After three mos., services continue at the then prevailing rate (currently $53.99/mo.) unless you call to change or cancel. Req's you to select offer) Get DirectTvNow and get HBO® included for one year. (Also get three months of SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Cinemax®, and EPIX®)

Direct TV Installation

Services and Equipment in DIRECTV provides the best high quality service. DirecTV packages provides high quality Entertainment and streaming. Order your DIRECTV and get your Standard Installation at no extra cost! No worries our DIRECTV professionals will help you set up your equipment immediately right after your order is placed and you can enjoy your entertainment in no time. To avail your DIRECTV free equipment Installation call

  • In home page add it in “Packages for all” content And grab your best satellite TV Deals.
  • Home Page Add it above the map Digital Cable TV and Satellite Service providers In US, all homes have the tradition way of Cable TV service provider and the cable TV has been evolved into many different stages over the years of technological development. It has evolved into Digital cable TV Services, Satellite TV Providers and much more advanced technology has come to make the entertainment world even more sophisticated and DirecTV provides the best network among the satellite TV providers. Grab all the best deals and offers and enjoy.
  • Add this in Home page in second line in TV installation in Home page DirecTV is one of the best service providers among the USA cable TV providers

DIRECTV Sports Package

Are you an athletic person sports lover? here is your chance of getting to watch your favorite sports and your teams league games with DIRECTV sports package channels. Check directvnowoffer for more sports channels.
DirecTV sports package offer a wide range of sports entertainment channels, starting from Local Sports channels to International sports channels. Don’t miss your favorite sports, now DIRECTV have options for all your sports interest. DIRECTV packages regional sports for your entire local sports updates so never miss your Sports happenings around you. DirecTV covers all the sports channels in sports package and made it customizable for the sports lovers. Check for channel availability here


Catch all your favorite baseball games and home runs with MLB EXTRA INNINGS in DIRECTV package sports. Every week get up to 80 out - of – market game and enjoy all your week.


Don’t miss all your favorite Major League Soccer teams’ game with MLS DIRECT KICK in DirecTV sports package all the seasons.


DirecTV provides all season basketball games package with NBA LEAGUE PASS. Come now and enjoy all week long with your favorite teams game.


Searching where you can watch live out of market games? Don’t worry DirecTV comes to your rescue. Bring home DirecTV exclusive sports package with NFL SUNDAY TICKET and enjoy all Sundays watching your favorite Live out – of – market games, and never miss a single game. NFL SUNDAY TICKET comes with lot of exciting features to make your Sundays even better. In Game Mix Channel Watch more than 7 games at once along with time left in the game and game score any many features to track players and their status. Bring home NFL SUNDAY TICKET with DIRECTV exclusive sorts package and enjoy your favorite league game all Sunday with friends and family.

DirecTV sports package channels

DirecTV presents the wide range of sports channels for all type of sports lover. Love watching Soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, Wrestling, gymnastics and etc…. DIRECTV providers provides a great deal of sports package for all the sports person and sports lovers. So grab your DIRECTV Exclusive sports package and enjoy more sports than ever. Check sports channels in channel listing page in our website.

In the blue Patch

Find all your favorite channels shows, and select your favorite package to live your life to the fullest check for more offers and deals.

Is it possible to get only TV packages?  

Yes you can get TV and Internet from different providers and still get a Yes, the price starts from $35/mo. Read More

Will Bundling option reduce my monthly cable TV service bill?

Yes it will reduce from $10to $60 per month. Read More

What are the No.of channels available for $35 Cable TV package in DIRECTV?       

155+ channels. Read More

 How many days take for DIRECTV Satellite TV Installation?

24 hours is the standard time. Read More

What is the Speed in DIRECTV for Internet?

 From 10 Mbps to 1,00Mbps. Read More

What packages is suitable for movie lovers?

Ultimate™ package. Read More

Is the Equipment for DirecTV Satellite TV services are free?

No, It comes in standard cost which is comparatively low to other Satellite TV Service providers. Read More

Can I add or change packages after Installation?

Yes you can add add ons but cannot change the Cable TV service package. Read More

Are there any free channels available?

Yes , free premium free channels for 3 months. Read More

Does DIRECTV available near me?

Yes almost all states in USA has been covered by DIRECTV services. Read More